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Hello to all of you who knew Dominique and those of you who have shown interest in our mission: We really want to change the public perception of suicide by eradicating the stigma associated with suicide and the underlying mental illness, and empower those who suffer from suicidal feelings to seek help.

We are finally making some real progress with the shape for the online presence for Still a temporary web site, but there are people creating an engine to drive the vision. Hoping to go live in another month or so. Should be a great enterprise combining social networking and de-stigmatization of suicide and depression. I will let you know when it is all on so that you can give me some feedback.

Would you please consider sending me a photo of yourself (a headshot would be perfect, and it doesn't have to be anything too grand) and a sentence or paragraph on any subject pertaining to how you feel about suicide, depression, or how they have affected your life? Would you also please send the picture and the a brief story or comment about someone who died from suicide. Someone who you knew, that their passing has had an impact on your life. Although this is painful to do, it would be such a huge help in creating the site. And Please pass this request along to anyone you know who may want to participate.

The images and thoughts are the basis of the network. Please PLEASE pass this onto anyone who you think would be interested in participating. I do not have all of the email address of those who have expressed interest in the Fund and would appreciate your sending this request on.

please send to
Thank you for considering.
Steve Rifkin (and THANK YOU Jack for all your help)

Here are the first 3 submissions:

I lost someone I loved
I lost someone I loved to suicide. When we were together, I could see some signs I suppose...but I didn't know to look. And even if I did know, what would I (a 15 year old at the time) do to prevent it? These are questions that need answers. Answers come with education. This is what I wish I'd had - the knowledge to see how I could have done more. Spread the word to keep the love. -Jana

A close friend of hers had just committed suicide
"Recently I was logged into my facebook account and stumbled upon the profile of a girl I did not know. Her status said that a close friend of hers had just committed suicide and that she hoped that this friend was finally at peace. I didn't know this young woman, but I felt a connection with her. At that moment I wished that I had known her. I wished that I could tell her how sorry I was for her loss and that she is not alone in her grief." -Cait

Almost lost a brother
"I was only 7 years old the first time suicide was in my life. My brother had taken 100 sleeping pills and I was picked up by a friend of the family... right as the ambulance was pulling him out of the house. Since then he had tried many many times( from drugs to cutting to even slicing his throat). I have seen many many days of heart ache in my parents eyes and I have known the cause and effect that suicide has played in our lives. But, I write you in celebration for my brother whom I love, and I can say that he has recovered and has not had any incidents in a few years. It's a damaging event to go through if you don't remember you are also the strength that keeps people alive. :)." -Ry