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Mission for Dominique’s Fund for Suicide Prevention

Our mission is to eradicate the STIGMA associated with suicide and the underlying mental illnesses, so that adequate attention can be brought to the crisis that suicide has become. Dominique’s Fund will empower those who suffer from suicidal feelings to seek help by creating an environment where society’s negative judgment doesn’t cause them further isolation and suicides can be prevented as a result. We are starting a movement to change public perception and we are engaging our youth to make this happen.

Context: Unless people begin to appreciate that mental illness can in fact be deadly just like other diseases then it won’t get the attention required to get funding for a cure. Achieving this is more complicated than for other diseases that are potentially fatal.

It is really hard to grasp the idea that someone who kills themselves is out of control, not thinking rationally, and suffering from pain caused by the brain’s diseased misfiring-- because when one thinks about the act of suicide itself, it requires so much control. It thus becomes very hard for anyone that has never experienced depression or other mental illness to imagine that one’s brain can ever misfire, to such a point that it can cause the kind of physical pain that becomes unbearable. It is even more complicated by the fact that it isn’t an illness that takes on visible physical characteristics. With little understanding, comes the enormous stigma associated with suicide, which is often viewed as a selfish, cowardly act. The public has a very difficult challenge in seeing that suicide is not a choice, like those most of us make daily when we evaluate options based on rational and sound thinking. When someone depressed makes choices that are self destructive, they are evaluating their options based on thinking that is distorted due to the disease- a disease of the brain.

I think this is particularly acute with youth, as they have to handle all of this with far less judgment and experience of life and their illness-basically far less time to understand that what they feel doesn’t always have to be this way. That it is not that they can’t be accepted, but that whatever caused their neurons to misfire in the way they did (situational or not) is treatable.

Why are we different?

We want to boldly take on the stigma of suicide, and underlying mental illness. We will capture the hearts of the public to motivate an emotional connection to this issue and cause the public to own the responsibility for making a difference.

Donate now and make a difference.

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