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Donate to Dominique's Fund

On behalf of all suffering depression and in memory of those who have taken their lives, THANK YOU for your donation.

If you would prefer to make a phone donation, please call 1 (888) 561-5082 Please send contributions to:
Dominique’s Fund
25 Elm Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Request a Dominique's Fund Bracelet

Interested in a Dominiques Fund bracelet?
Click here and let us know where to ship your free bracelet.

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If you would like to host a local event to help us raise awareness or
funds, and would like to have a quantity of bracelets available at the
event, please call 1 (888) 561-5082. The bracelets are available free
of charge, but suggested donations are welcome.

Dominique's Fund for Suicide Prevention is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to Dominique's Fund for Suicide Prevention, a qualified organization under IRS regulations, are deductible as allowable by law.